Ascend Corporate Service Pte Ltd -Terms of Services

1) Q: What is profile of Ascend Corporate Service Pte Ltd?

    A: Ascend is a licensed Corporate Services Provider in Singapore, which has been providing onshore and offshore company formation, corporate secretary, financial report, XBRL report, GST, individual and corporate tax and other business consulting services since 2013.

2) Q:  Is it an official website for e-commerce of Ascend Corporate Service Pte Ltd?

    A:  Yes.

3) Q: How long will get response from Ascend when the order is placed?

    A: Within one hour during our working hours.

4) Q: Is GST included in All services price?

    A: No GST is applicable for our company.

5) Q: How to deal with discrepancy in payment between actual assessment and standard price?

   A: Will raise additional invoices or credit notes for payment or payment refund.

6) Q: What is definition of services fee?

    A: Services fee is only for our services charge, which excludes disbursements of all third parties. All promotional programs are only applied for pure services fee.

7) Q: How to delivery the finished paper work?

    A: Either by post or by email, or both

8) Q: What kinds of services with disbursement charges?

      A: Financial report services have disbursement charge for printing & stationery, Corporate secretarial services have disbursement charge for ACRA filing charge, and Annual Compliance Services Packages have both.

9) Q: There are no hidden costs for those servicing orders?

      A: This are no hidden costs for each servicing product price with indicated terms and conditions, if your case is different from those conditions, please contact us first before placing orders.

10) Q: How to place order for any additional charge of variance?

      A: Please place an order of Variance Additional Charge, the default price is S$1,S$10 & S$100, please using no. of units to adjust value to confirmed additional charge amount. For example, if the additional charge of variance is confirmed as of S$150, please place variance additional charge order as 1 unit x S$100+5 units x 10 =S$150.00

11) Q: Does order confirmation letter mean that the order is firmly accepted by us? 

      A: An order is firmly accepted by us as long as the order payment is successfully made by clients. The system will send order confirmation letter to you even if the payment is not successfully made.  We shall send payment reminder to you within 30 minutes after the order is placed. And the order shall be cancelled when the payment is not made within 2 hours after the order is placed.

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